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Mabel’s Christmas Party WC2

Mabel's Christmas Party WC2, drawing room with antique decor
Mabel's Christmas Party WC2

Mabel's Christmas Party WC2, dining area
Mabel's Christmas Party WC2

Mabel's Christmas Party WC2, private room with dancefloor
Mabel's Christmas Party WC2

Mabel's Christmas Party WC2, antique restaurant
Mabel's Christmas Party WC2

Mabel’s Christmas Party WC2

29-30 Maiden Lane, London, WC2E 7JS
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Covent Garden / Embankment
T. 0207 294 7548
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Seated dinner180

Mabel’s Christmas Party WC2

Mabel’s is the new lady of Covent Garden, on the wondrous Maiden Lane. Mabel’s is a life you share with those you love to be with. Eat with her, raise a glass or two, dance till your heart skips a beat and do it all again tomorrow, Start early and finish late, burn the candle bright, at both ends and back again.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden on Maiden Lane, the unrivalled Mabel’s has its doors open for brunch, lunch & dinner, in it’s gorgeous ‘Parlour’ and ‘Library’ the space instantly makes an impression with its vast ceiling height and grand chandelier in the centre of the atrium. The atrium spans the whole ceiling leaving no corner shy of natural day light. But in contrast it is a relaxed informal dining but space in which you can enjoy the ever-changing fresh, seasonal menus. Mabel’s is also an ideal sanctuary for after work drinks and nibbles in the ‘Hallway’ & ‘Drawing Room’ debuting a collection of eclectic, travelled objet d’art, bright, fresh, green palms and an assortment of furniture from modern cosmopolitan seating to art deco stools and vintage print armchairs. Enter Mabel’s Den where you’ll be greeted by the sophisticated yet inviting basement bar. Candlelit mood lighting have the intentions of taking your evening into the small hours and with the DJ, dancing and its buzzing atmosphere, it will succeed.


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  • Mediterranean-fusion food
  • Christmas
  • Private parties
  • Private rooms
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