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Christmess immersive theatre SE1





Christmess immersive theatre SE1

36 Southwark St London SE1 9HP
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Christmess immersive theatre SE1, Christmas is canceled. Bit by bit we have seen them stump out the cinders of artistry. Whitewash creativity. And now this… the biggest emblem of unity…the cherry on top of this persecution-pie. Christmas. Canceled.

Or is it………?

Welcome to Nicky’s Imaganiarium,  An underground, undercover hothouse infamous for it’s colourful counterculture and debauched dinner parties.

Debauched. Decadent. Delicious.

Behind the guise of a present-destroying factory, the world’s most wanted man, St Nicky and his anarchistic entourage of festive fugitives are going ahead as planned. It’s a Christmess Revolution and we are ready to revolt in the most revolting of fashions. The Rebel Elves are running wild. Mama Clause is housing runaways. Jingle Belle is dancing on the tables and St Nick is getting down with The Green Fairy. It’s time to replace your Ps & Qs with G’s & Ts and bask in the bad behaviour you won’t get away with out there. Nothing is too outrageous. This is a revolution baby. And we’re making our own rules. Christmess was made for giving. Food was made for sharing. Tables were made for dancing on. All we want for Christmess is YOU.


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YOU are our guests at The Imaginarium. Invited by order of St Nicky himself. The man is on the run, any contact with the outside world is a risk of great consequence. It is imperative that you do not speak of this invitation with anyone. To the outside world you are an abiding civilian, visiting The Old Factory to hand in your gifts at the present-amnesty for disposal down The Chute.

Only the world’s biggest believers, our greatest minds, the forward-thinkers, the artists, poets, anarchists, revolutionaries are invited to dwell in the world’s most top-secret chamber of ideas. This is a great honour, prepare to unleash your wildest imaginations in a world where anything goes. Are you a Rebel Elf, the anarchistic mischief behind the operation? A Revolutionary civilian standing up for your freedom? Or a member of the inner Imanginaria, one of the world’s most wanted imaginations?